About C2 Dynamics

 C2 Dynamics is a consultancy that offers businesses powerful tools, which are based on military methodology and concepts. The tools are designed to assist organizations navigate demanding routines, boost responses to challenges, and bring new thinking to change management.

Designed for a wide range of professionals, executives, teams, and organizations, C2 Dynamics came together as I was providing media coverage of Israeli military affairs.

I have spent years accompanying the leaders of the defense establishment, who are entrusted with the protection of millions of citizens from a range of evolving threats. My briefings with air force planners, intelligence chiefs, the navy, and officers in charge of regional commands have inspired me to search for tools that can work in the civilian world as well. 

It became apparent to me that militaries were actively importing a number of concepts from the private sector.


It also became clear that many stand to benefit if this flow of ideas ran in the opposite direction, from the military world to the private sector.  I began seeing some universal dilemmas facing all organizations, even though the settings and conditions vary dramatically.


I set out on my own, personal mission - to identity and adapt concepts and methodologies from the military world, and inject them into civilian organizations. I am inspired by the goal of providing businesses with a unique edge in today's challenging times. 


C2 Dynamics comes from a fast-changing, high stakes world, where having the ability to respond correctly to challenges, and to develop the right capabilities, is critical for national security and stability.

The system offers new ways of identifying situations and taking steps accordingly.  It also promotes an organizational culture that is based on a rapid, ego-free learning and improvement model. It offers new paths for growth even in the face of the most lengthy and urgent task lists.


Options for your organization: (all are available online or onsite).


• Speaking event.

• One-day workshop.

• Deep dive: Executive coaching series.

• Consultancy service.


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For further details, please feel free to send me an email.  

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About me

My name is Yaakov Lappin, and I am an Israeli military affairs analyst.

I am a research fellow at the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, at Bar-Ilan University and in-house analyst at the MirYam Institute. In addition, I am the Israel correspondent for Jane's Defense Weekly, a leading international military affairs magazine, and for JNS, which provides news and analysis to readers around the world. In the past, I was the military affairs correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. I am also author of Virtual Caliphate (2010), a book that explored how Al-Qaeda operatives use the internet.

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Email: yaakov@gmail.com