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Dealing with challenges with minimal disruptions

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Borrowing from the "high quality continuous operations" concept in the IDF

The concept of entering into a "high quality continuous operations phase," meaning an ability to deal with a broad challenge without causing massive disruption, is a concept borrowed from the world of the IDF.

It's a concept that can be applied in a variety of ways outside of the military world.

For example, Lt. Col. Rom Liraz, Commander of the Learning and Development Center in the IDF Military Colleges, writes about how this concept can be applied by governments looking for long-term solutions to the pandemic crisis:

High quality continuous operations are based on accurate intelligence

"The IDF can also assist national leaders make the mental transition from the pattern of dealing with a 'war' - total subjugation of the market in favor of the national event, for a short period of time, lockdown of the poplulation in homes/bomb shelters... to a [different] pattern - high quality continuous security. This is based on accurate intelligence, taking selective action in order to avoid harm to the routine life of the population, creating durable forces (doctors, labs, vital 'weapons')..."

Liraz said that the IDF could also become involved in the national situation assessment processes.

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