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How ideas move between the private sector and the military

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

In 2019, the IDF created a new profession - the operational data analyst.

Influenced by develpments in the civilian world, the IDF in 2019 created a new profession - the operational data analyst.

The military's big data analysts will help commanders take decisions.

This is a great example of the military adopting, fully, private sector thinking and integrating it with operations. The traffic of ideas can move in both directions.

According to the IDF's website, "a large part of the role is to look at lessons learned, examine figures, and even mistakes from the past. The objective of the analysts is to take what happened in the past, study it as a research case - stats, figures, and all additional information - and to research what we have done so that the future operations will be improved and more calculated."

During emergencies, the analysts will receive questions from their "clients" - IDF division commanders - and they will help the commanders "streamline" the soldiers' capabilities on the ground, by analyzing the massive amounts of data that will be coming in.

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