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Lessons on capability building

The former commander of the Home Front Command discusses the process.

A fascinating interview that sheds a lot of light on strategies for capability building has been posted by the IDF's Dado Center, a military think tank. The interview was with Maj.-Gen. Tamir Yadai, who tomorrow completes his term as head of the Home Front Command.

The command was trapped in an endless cycle of trying to understand its authority...

The interview includes powerful examples of how to formulate a strategy for developing capabilities – even in the face of a budget cut that disrupted prior plans for development.

In the first stage, Yadai describes an examination process that lasted for a number of months, in which gaps were highlighted between how the Home Front Command functioned and how it was supposed to function in light of real-world requirements.

The examination led to several insights, such as the discovery that the Command was trapped in an endless cycle of trying to understand its authority vis-à-vis other organizations. And that it was a decade behind civilian database technology. This then led to the mapping out of 3 areas for change. Then, a strategy for development was formulated, based on five principles.

Here's a summary of the steps:

1. An examination process lasting months. 2. Insights regarding where the organization should be compared to where it is. 3. Mapping out 3 focused areas for change (relations with the wider military, relations with the civilian world, technology). 4. Formulating 5 principles for development (examples: "We won't invent anything, but rather, adopt existing civilian technology." And: Creating a new model for cooperation with civilian organizations that does not rely on legislation).

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